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‘Otium is a state of being - When the day’s work is done and for a brief period of time one has no desire for anything more than that feeling of completion…of the being-after-something…when love has done its work, this is otium.'

'It’s a model for a way of life in which desire can no longer be manipulated in the direction of ceaseless activity...'

'There must be completion. It’s the pre-requisite for a post-consumerist society, which is by definition a society that can never be satisfied. In OTIUM we have attempted to recreate and prolong this sense of having just made love...we are no longer in the making’

The Music

Track Listing

1. Harper Song (Least Among Equals 5.48
    Reprise 0.42
2. Will I See You Again 5.27
3. Death Faces Me Today 3.32
    Reprise 1.32
4. I Breath Air 4.20
    Reprise 1.32
5. Bury Me in Coolgardie (K. Sutherland) 4.20
    Reprise 0.30
6. Revelation Comes 6.32
    Reprise 0.30
7. I Am He 3.27
8. Where did you Sleep Last Night 5.33
    Reprise 0.58

Songs by Jason Freddi, (c) 2016

​​“This album grew at its own pace, without any sense of business or haste. That’s why we called it OTIUM.'

The music evokes places and times, far removed from the congestion of 21st century existence. Its contemporaneity is the sense of an ending that pervades what remains of culture at the end of history.

‘In the music we practice a way of life that is not a withdrawal but a new beginning...Otium is a leisure that refuses to consider to be represented as an alternative to work.'

Album Notes

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...love resists the silence
love itself must act
words end what has been said
and we are the least among equals...