OTIUM 2 brings together other songs recorded in the Otium sessions that exercised a somewhat different mood. Each of them takes inspiration from songs written by other performers.

Two songs are more or less tributes with a mood shift. The other three take a lyric from other writers and create a new song altogether.

Steve Fraser played bass on couple of these and we kept production minimal as compared to OTIUM 1
  1. Rock'n'roll (It's Alright)
    This is the Lou Reed song from Velvet Underground - Pete Emptage on bass and vocals in background 'two tv sets, two cadillac cars...there's nothing happening at all'
  2. People who need people
    Barbara Streisand wrote a famous song with this title, a broadway declaration of epic proportion...my offering is a little less triumphal... She wrote the first verse, or rather the first three lines of the first verse. The 'night dreams/day dreams' figure is mine:- what we most fear is those day dreams turning into days...and sometimes it's Barbara Streisand doing the dreaming
  3. In the Pines
    In the pines is a Leadbelly song, or rather Leadbelly recorded and disseminated the song. We recall Kurt Cobain's morbid expression from the early nineties...most of the words are new, the concept is altered and the mood shifted from the little girl to the large woods and the question of when the isolation and cruelty will end.
  4. New Life
    This is a setting of American poet, Stanley Kunitz's poem, The Round ...the chorus line is his...'So I have shut the doors of my house / so I have trudged down the stairs to my cell'...
  5. Sitting here in Limbo
    The beautiful Jimmy Cliff number we learned from Jerry Garcia.