wet paint - do not touch!
An Art Intervention
by Yoni Molad and Jason Freddi
ANU Art School, Graduate Exhibition,
27 November 2015
1. First Circle

2. First Encounter -

Woman enters the installation space. Begins to smell the object,
Describes it as a scent installation not a paint installation
Woman informs her man that It smells like bbq wood charcoal
Man moves to closer to the artist-object at his woman's petition.

Looks excited but slightly ashamed.
Woman exits the space

3.  Second Encounter -

Woman full of fun enters the installation space. Very open, laughing
It i€s red, why red?...
The artist is charmed and can no longer hold his statue. He feels at ease.

What to say?
- it is neither black nor white.
Woman laughs and laughs
Of course, It is red!

4. Third Encounter -

Mature woman leaves her man and enters the installation from a distance. She moves with intent, all the time inviting the artist to halt her advance should he choose to do so.
He allows it.
She comes near, extends a figure and touches the flesh on his arm.
She looks. A concerned look. Retreats to her man at back of room.
Artist recomposes.
Woman advances again. More direct this time.
I got a bone to pick with you...€the paint is not wet!
The artist listens...

Reflects on what is said but the spell has been broken.
You got me. I am a liar.
Artist dresses and exits the installation space.